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PFL Top Performing Lists

  • Big Dollar Conservative Donors
  • Conservative Agenda Backers
  • America's Charitable-Health Cause Donors
  • Pro-Life Movement Supporters
  • America's 2nd Amendment Supporters
  • Bible Belt Christian Conservatives

...and many more!

Targeted Political Donors Lists Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Your next winning campaign begins with reaching the right audience.

Political Fundraising Lists is the foremost authority on lists of political donors.

Whether you’re looking to reach conservative or liberal constituents, the ingredients to a winning campaign begin with delivering your message to responsive individuals. The ability to offer a targeted message to a finely tuned audience is essential. Our databases of donor leads for political and non-profit casuses alike enable you to direct your communication to a receptive audience who will embrace it and take action.

Targeted Leads for Greater Success

Political Fundraising Lists prides itself in its ability to assist candidates and causes with a wide range of issue-specific offerings. Our political donors lead databases do more than just scratch the surface. The majority of our files have been overlaid with over 100 demographic and lifestyle data elements, allowing for deeper segmentation.

In addition to providing some of the most expansive Donor and Registered Voter proprietary databases, Political Fundraising Lists places a special emphasis on data hygiene. We refer to this as the ‘PFL Advantage.’ Our databases are regularly updated and cleansed to ensure the highest deliverability rates. Our focus is to consistently meet and surpass the USPS postal compliance regulations. Put the ‘PFL Advantage’ to work for you and you’ll notice increased response rates.

Our roster of Mailers serve as a Who’s Who of political candidates and charitable causes. They offer their endorsements by continuing to utilize Political Fundraising Lists as a focal point in their postal, telemarketing and e-mail campaigns. Contact us to find out how our lists of political donors can help turn your next campaign into a winner.