Political Leads Broker Services

Political Fundraising Lists provides clients with a comprehensive political leads brokerage experience. Our knowledgeable team of professionals offers their expertise and proficiency in mail planning. We combine our researching know-how and originality to offer you a comprehensive agency experience.

We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives fully and become a partner that helps drive the success of their direct marketing campaigns. Whether the focus of your promotion is direct mail, telemarketing, email or a hybrid approach, we can assist you in developing and integrating all of these aspects.

Our list recommendations and mail plans are cultivated by the analysis of:

  • Previous marketing efforts
  • Competitive list usage
  • List categorization
  • Response propensity predictors
  • Campaign Forecasting
  • Trends in creative
  • Segmenting and Modeling

Our goal is to provide our clients with all the tools necessary to make informed decisions and design marketing plans that allow you to maximize your return on investment.

No client or campaign is too large or too small for a political leads broker.

Whether you’re a political candidate running for local office or a large charitable organization embarking on a national fundraising campaign, our political leads broker service will make use of all of our resources and tools to ensure your individual success.

If this is your first direct marketing venture, we will dedicate the time needed to bring you up to speed with a simple and clear-cut approach. Regardless of the size of your organization we will utilize our relationships with our large stable of vendors to work on your behalf in brokering political leads.

Contact us today and discover how our team can work for you!