Conservative & Republican Leads

Political Fundraising Lists's republican and conservative lead offerings consist of political constituents whose philosophy most closely symbolizes that of the Republican Party. They include both donors and voters who offer their insightful support to an assortment of candidates and causes.

The Republican Party underscores the following guiding beliefs:

  • Preserving our national strength.
  • Small government that does not infringe on the rights of individuals.
  • Expanding free markets.
  • Extending peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.
  • Narrower interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Opposition to elective abortion.
  • Support for the Federal Marriage Amendment

Our Conservative/Republican lead list offerings include:

  • American Donors for Tax Reform
  • Conservative Christian Donors
  • Conservative Donors for Family Values
  • Conservative Hunting & Shooting Enthusiasts
  • The Conservative Base
  • Border State Immigration Reform Donors
  • Conservative Home School Families
  • Conservatives Promoting Marriage as a Sacred Institution
  • America’s Hunting License Holders
  • America’s Inspired Christian Multi-Donors
  • America’s Second Amendment Active Supporters
  • America’s Voice – Active Political Donors
  • America’s Voice – Registered Republican Voters
  • America’s Voice – Social Security Reform Donors
  • America’s Voice – Active Young Conservative Donors
  • America’s Voice – Christian Conservative Donors
  • America’s Supporting The Right To Bear Arms
  • Charitable Conservative Veterans
  • America’s Voice – Education Reform Donors
  • America’s Voice – Healthcare Reform Donors
  • Bible Belt Christian Conservative Donors
  • America’s Voice – Donor’s To Patriotic Organizations
  • America’s Conservative Evangelical Christians
  • Champions of Healthcare Reform Donors
  • Evangelical Christian Ministry Donors
  • High Income Conservative Donors
  • America’s Voice – Pro Life Donors
  • American Donors for Alternative Fuel Sources
  • Champions of the Conservative Cause Donors
  • Conservative Media Advocates
  • America’s Voice – Republican Donors
  • American Donors for Budget Reform
  • American Military Support Donors
  • Americans Supporting Expanded Free Trade
  • Bible Enthusiast Conservative Contributors
  • Big Dollar Conservative Donors
  • Conservative Agenda Backers
  • Pro-Life Movement Supporters
  • Tax Reform Appeal Advocates

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