Political Fundraising Lists: Your Leads Broker

Political Fundraising Lists, established in 2007, has become one the fastest growing and innovative agencies in the fundraising list marketplace. Our list brokerage and list management divisions offer some of the most comprehensive sources for donor data. We’ve sought to be the foremost authority on both conservative and liberal databases. In addition, we utilize our vast contacts throughout the industry to consistently supply our customers with New-To-Market postal, telemarketing and email lists.

Our Values

The words we most closely relate to our company are integrity, truthfulness and quality.

Integrity. Political Fundraising Lists performs due diligence on all prospective sources of data. Only after the data has been put through a series of quality control checks and we have gained the utmost confidence in its reliability will we represent it.

Truthfulness. We always provide our clients with honest answers and a straightforward approach. Our agenda is assisting our clients in reaching their goals.

Reliability. Political Fundraising Lists was founded on this single principle. We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate and precise data available to reach their target markets and ensure profitability.

Political Fundraising Lists is part of a family of direct marketing agencies which include Complete Mailing Lists and Complete Medical Lists. Our seasoned list experts each offer over a decade of list experience. Our commitment to understanding the ever-changing political landscape enables us to be proactive in recognizing the latest trends in fundraising.

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